The Swedish Parliament Votes in Favor of More Nuclear Power and New Sites

December 1, 2023

The Swedish Parliament - the Riksdag - said yes to the government's bill on new nuclear power in Sweden. The changes to the law mean that new reactors will be permitted at other locations than at the nuclear power plants in Forsmark, Ringhals and Oskarshamn. In addition, more than ten reactors are allowed to be in operation at the same time. This marks a political milestone in the work toward clean and reliable energy supply in Sweden.

The Riksdag shares the government's assessment that fossil-free nuclear power should continue to play a central role in the Swedish energy mix. The main reason for this is an expected greater demand for electricity in combination with the fact that fossil fuels must be phased out, not least for climate reasons. Nuclear power also contributes to the Swedish power system being able to function in a stable and predictable manner.

Blykalla welcomes this decision. It will fasten the phase-out of fossil fuels and strengthen Swedish self-sufficiency. It also enables the use of SMRs where they are needed the most: in connection with industrial clusters, by data centers, and other areas where supply is scarce and demand high.

Read about the vote from official sources here.

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