Blykalla's SEALER is selected as a candidate for the NuProShip Project

December 28, 2023

With a climate footprint equivalent to country of Germany's, the shipping industry faces increasing pressure to transition to cleaner energy sources. The maritime sector's reliance on fossil fuels contributes significantly to emissions, prompting a quest for sustainable alternatives. Finding efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly power sources is crucial to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping operations worldwide.

The NuProShip is a Norwegian initiative representing a pioneering effort to revolutionize the maritime industry's energy landscape through SMRs. Led by Jan Emblemsvåg and backed by Norway's Maritim 21 program, NuProShip aims to adapt Generation IV SMRs for international shipping requirements. This ambitious project combines expertise from global actors, envisioning SMRs as a feasible and cost-effective energy solution for maritime vessels.

We are proud to announce that Blykalla's SEALER has been selected as one of five reactor designs to be studied in more depth by the Norwegian NuProShip project. This is an exciting opportunity to explore different use cases for the SEALER, comments Blykalla's CTO Janne Wallenius, who will attend the NuProShip International Conference as a keynote speaker.

NuProShip's interest in investigating the SEALER stems from its potential as a groundbreaking reactor for maritime applications, due to its adaptability to smaller variants and suitability for high-temperature SMR applications. The project's choice to explore SEALER aligns with its goal of developing standardized and licensed reactors for shipping, foreseeing a market demand for efficient and scalable energy solutions tailored to the maritime industry's needs.

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