Selection of media reporting from FT/Sifted, SVT, SR, SvD and Dagens Industri

March 7, 2023

Leadcold’s recent announcement about starting a feasibility study to explore whether to build Sweden’s next research reactor in Studsvik generated substantial media attention.

FT’s Sifted newsletter discusses our reactor design that uses lead as a coolant, and the fact that it allows a breeder design that produces more fissile material during the reactor’s lifetime, in effect turning nuclear power into a renewable energy source.

The news were also reported by other outlets, such as World Nuclear News.

The independent nuclear news agency NucNet also carried the news, describing how the feasibility study “could lead to the mass production of SMRs for the global market.”

NucNet also reported that Studsvik AB, a supplier of nuclear analysis software and specialised services to the nuclear industry, “views the initiative positively” and will participate in the feasibility study.

SVT, the public service TV broadcaster, reported on its Friday morning show that “a new nuclear power plant may be built in Nyköping” and discussed the rich nuclear heritage that the Studsvik site has (this piece and all links below are in Swedish).

In follow-up segments, SVT also reported on the reception by Studsvik and by local inhabitants in Nyköping.

Svenska Dagbladet, one of Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper, has Leadcold (known as Blykalla in Sweden) on the front page of their business section and talks about our ambition to be build the next Swedish nuclear reactor in only five years from now, based on interviews with our CEO Jacob Stedman.

Dagens Industri, one of the premier business papers, takes another angle and talks about this being the moment where we finally get a chance to test our vision.

The public radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio also had a piece where they interviewed our co-founder Janne Wallenius and talked about the site where the reactor could be built, if the feasibility study goes well and the reactor gets its permit.

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