Blykalla's Head of Legal Thérèse Burman Appointed as Expert in Government Inquiry

March 19, 2024

In early March, the Ministry of Climate and Business announced the selection of experts to support the inquiry "New Nuclear Power in Sweden – a Second Step." We are proud to announce that among the appointed experts is Blykalla's Head of Legal, Thérèse Burman, who will contribute her expertise to the inquiry. 

The government initiated an inquiry at the end of 2023 to review existing regulations to facilitate new nuclear power. The aim is for Sweden to achieve 100 percent fossil-free electricity production by 2040, with nuclear power playing a crucial role. The inquiry does not affect the standards for radiation protection and nuclear safety, which will remain consistently high.

The expert group provides vital support to the inquiry. Pernilla Sandgren is leading the investigation, which is expected to deliver the comprehensive report to the government by early 2026. The inquiry, focusing on four main areas, will release its findings in stages leading up to the final report on February 27, 2026.

The first part focuses on streamlining the permit evaluation process for nuclear reactors, aiming for clarity and shorter processing times. The second part aims to review the application fee to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. The investigator will propose necessary changes for a purposeful fee structure that accommodates new reactor types such as small modular reactors. The third part involves analyzing whether the existing nuclear waste management program needs adaptation and development to handle waste from new reactors. The fourth and final part entails analyzing and assessing whether the regulatory framework for emergency preparedness and planning zones needs adjustment for new reactors.

Thérèse Burman, in her role as Head of Legal at Blykalla, will offer insights into streamlining regulatory frameworks to facilitate the construction of new nuclear power plants, including SMRs. This includes reviewing permit evaluation regulations for new reactors and analyzing potential modifications to the nuclear waste management program to accommodate waste from future reactors. Leveraging her deep expertise in environmental law, Burman aims to clarify the requirements needed to enable nuclear power expansion. Of particular interest are the insights gathered during the preparation of Blykalla's up coming permit processes related to SEALER-One, together with the perspective as a developer of nuclear reactors, and in particular of new technology.

When asked about the appointment, Thérèse Burman expressed excitement, emphasizing the opportunity to contribute to such a significant inquiry.

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