Blykalla welcomes Kristofer Thoresson as new Head of Engineering

February 6, 2024

February 6th 2024

Kristofer brings with him a wealth of experience and a remarkable track record in the engineering sector, particularly within the energy industry. With an educational background in Electrical Engineering, he has spent the last twenty years in various leadership roles at Siemens Energy, spearheading teams responsible for the development and delivery of cutting-edge gas turbines and power plant solutions across a broad spectrum of applications including power generation, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), nuclear energy, and the oil & gas industry.

Kristofer's approach has always been to focus on enhancing organizational performance, maximizing customer value, advancing technical design, and embracing digitalization. His visionary leadership and innovative mindset have been pivotal in driving the success of the projects and teams under his guidance.

What makes Kristofer's arrival at Blykalla especially exciting is his enthusiasm for the challenge that lies ahead—developing Sweden's first advanced nuclear reactor. This endeavor is not just about technological innovation; it's a significant step towards the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, marking a new era for the Swedish nuclear industry. Kristofer is particularly passionate about building and nurturing a strong engineering team to lead the industrialization of SMRs, a critical component in our mission to provide sustainable energy solutions.

Kristofer's decision to join Blykalla was driven by the unique opportunity to contribute to such a groundbreaking project, one that aligns with his commitment to sustainability and innovation in energy. 

Kristofer joined Blykalla in January 2024. 

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