Blykalla welcomes Jordan Crowell as Nuclear Engineer

November 23, 2023

Stockholm, 23 November 2023

We are happy to welcome Jordan Crowell as our new Nuclear Engineer!

Jordan has extensive experience from the SMR industry: he previously worked at X-energy, where he supported the design and development of a TRISO high-temperature gas reactor, and has consulted micro-reactor developers such as Oklo and Holosgen. He will contribute to the Blykalla team by supporting the design and development of various reactor systems. Jordan holds a Bachelor and a Master's degree with a focus on nuclear engineering.

Elaborating on his interest in Blykalla's work, he says that “my research during my Master's program is what initially helped me find Blykalla and how I became deeply interested in wanting to support the design and development of the SEALER reactor. As I have been involved in the SMR industry I have really come to see that lead-cooled reactors are the future of providing reliable clean base-load power throughout the world. I really look forward to being part of a team that is working on cutting-edge  technology and solving unique and complex problems.”

Jordan joined the company in November 2023.

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