Blykalla selected to join the European Commission's SMR Alliance

May 30, 2024

May 20th 2024

Stockholm, Sweden

Blykalla is proud to announce its selection to join the prestigious European Industrial Alliance on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), an initiative launched by the European Commission to expedite the development and deployment of SMRs across Europe. This historic alliance aims to transform the European energy landscape by the early 2030s, driving innovation and sustainability.

The alliance held its 1st General Assembly in Brussels this week, marking a significant milestone in its mission to accelerate SMR projects within the EU. During the assembly, the work structure and timeline were finalized, and several technical working groups were launched. These groups are designed to advance SMR projects rapidly, focusing on innovation, regulatory streamlining, and the swift deployment of SMRs across the continent.

Blykalla is honored to be among the select parties representing advanced technologies within the alliance. This inclusion underscores Blykalla’s commitment to pioneering new forms of energy production that are both sustainable and efficient.

“We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking initiative,” said Jacob Stedman, CEO at Blykalla. “The European Commission’s SMR Alliance represents a significant step forward in achieving a sustainable energy future for Europe. We look forward to contributing our expertise and working collaboratively with other members to drive these critical projects forward.”

The European Commission’s SMR Alliance is expected to play a crucial role in ensuring Europe’s energy security and reducing carbon emissions, aligning with the EU’s broader climate goals. By bringing together key industry players, the alliance will foster collaboration, share best practices, and overcome regulatory and technical barriers.

For more information about Blykalla and its role in the European Commission's SMR Alliance, please contact:

Ralph Stephan
Business Developer

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